21 04, 2015

Benefits of Office 365


Having done some 30+ migrations now to Office 365 the product, in my opinion, is a great fit for SOHO, Small and even Medium businesses who wish to use an enterprise email system with centrally accessible email data that integrates into Outlook, Smartphones and Tablets. It reduces the dependency on-

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21 04, 2015

Does your IT give you a competitive edge or is it your downfall?


Technology is a critical part of your competitive advantage and can make or break businesses. Technology that isn’t functioning properly has a snow ball effect in that any problem will have a flow on effect in the productivity process within the business.

A printer issue can have a surprisingly great impact. Take for example a receptionist

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21 04, 2015

Saving money through IT outsourcing


To outsource or hire internally? What’s right for your business? There are many arguments for and against outsourcing parts of your business, in particular your IT function. This debate is not only heard at the Enterprise level with whole departments dedicated to running the IT infrastructure, but also down to the Small business that only has

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19 12, 2014

4 reasons your business needs remote IT support


Technology grows more mobile with each passing day, but the need for technical support remains the same. But, sometimes you just can't get on-site support while you are traveling. What, then, would you do if you had an urgent need for IT support, especially if your provider doesn't offer remote support?

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