IT Strategic Planning

IT strategic planning is used to identify how and where information systems aid your business in generating value to your customers.

Through the IT planning process, we can help identify ways to improve your productivity and go-to market strategies to increase the value you provide clients,  whilst reducing your overall IT costs.

Strategic IT planning session:

The Future Logic strategic IT planning session is a non-technical workshop conducted with the main stakeholders in your business.

Its Aim:

  • Provide a clear path for the ICT function in your business over the next 12 months.
  • Define specific initiatives (internal IT directions) and projects (capital expenditure) that are required to satisfy the business’ objectives for their IT function, in relation to the overall business goals and plans.
  • To uncover what information is used and needed in your business to better unlock your competitive advantages, and ensure you have the right systems in place to do so.

Your Benefit:

  • Greater certainty for budgeting
  • Productivity improvements through IT investments and initiatives
  • Ensure you have the right systems in place to meet your business needs and growth plans
  • Highlights high priority strategies that have the greatest impact on your business
  • Clarity on the value IT plays within your business

The Process:

  • Set the agenda
  • Assess work performed to date
  • Set the scene by identifying business goals
  • Environmental scanning
  • Compile your IT strategic objectives by reviewing the past and establish your future
  • Identify an IT issues list, which will be generated from a staff questionnaire
  • Brainstorm new ideas and visions
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Develop initiatives to meet your strategic objectives
  • Prioritise initiatives and issues
  • Develop a high priority projects list and schedule
  • Develop a high level scope, costs and timeframes
  • Establish a monitoring plan