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West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) is WA’s largest and busiest performing arts company presenting over 170 performances per year throughout the state.

As a WASO Major Sponsor, Future Logic is proud to be supporting all of their IT needs since 2015 and being able to assist WASO in reaching out to the broader community through technology to deliver an amazing musical experience.

West Australian Ballet (WAB) is a world-renowned ballet company with a rich and diverse repertoire of new full-length story ballets, cutting edge contemporary dance, and great classic and neo-classical ballets.

Since 2014, Future Logic has been proudly supporting WAB to fulfil their ICT needs and being able to help align technology with their mission to bring joy and enrichment to the community by presenting outstanding classical and contemporary ballet.

Mondo Community Warriors is a not-for-profit charity servicing disadvantaged charities and individuals in Australia. MCW exist to provide fundraising support to these key charities like Lifeline WA and individuals within Australia as a fast fundraising response by helping financially or creating fundraising events through hospitality related adventures to raise money. MCW are a volunteer driven organisation ensuring every dollar donated is passed directly to its recipient charities.

Future Logic is proud partner and supporter helping MCW deliver on their commitment and vision to help fund charities who with with the disadvantaged, vulnerable at risk and deserving individuals.

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