To outsource or hire internally? What’s right for your business? There are many arguments for and against outsourcing parts of your business, in particular your IT function. This debate is not only heard at the Enterprise level with whole departments dedicated to running the IT infrastructure, but also down to the Small business that only has a couple of employees.

“IT techs” are expensive, and most small businesses can’t justify the expense of not only the tech, but also the manager that needs to manage the IT function. Sure you can get a tech just out of Uni or Tafe, but do they understand your business and what strategic direction the IT systems need to take to ensure your business and staff reach their productive potential? Do they have any real world experience or qualifications?

To hire a person internally you have not just the associated wages costs, but you also need to cover their annual leave and sick leave, their training costs, management overhead, and any other benefits you may have as a standard package.

By outsourcing your IT, those headaches are removed, and you can ensure that the company you outsource to know what training their techs need to be doing, there are techs on standby should your primary tech be off sick or need to take that much needed holiday.