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Co-Managed IT

Specialist advice, tools and experience to support your internal IT team.

Whether you are looking for an IT provider to partner with to provide local support to your global or national ICT team, or need to supplement your existing staff with specific skills or work requirements, our Co-Managed IT solution is the Right solution for you!

We can provide a number of different solutions that can be further tailored to meet your business needs.


  • Level 1, 2 or 3 Supplementary Support: We can provide a number of resource to fill your support level requirements and supplement your existing IT staff. Whether you need someone to handle your level 1 help desk, to free up your level 2 & 3 resources to handle your projects or server infrastructure, or the other way around, we can tailor a support package to meet your needs.
  • Local Support Resources: We can provide a local support resources to provide all levels of maintenance and support required, reporting to your own in-house IT Manager or global ICT team.
  • IT Management: If you are looking to provide more direction and strategy to your existing IT department without the associated costs of hiring a full time resource, our IT Management services provide a fully outsourced resource, providing trusted advice and oversite to your own resources.
  • Help Desk Ticketing System: We can also provide a help desk ticketing system for you businesses use. Based on ITIL Service Management practises, our hosted ticketing system can provide for all your incident and problem management needs, as well as provide space for asset tracking and in depth reporting of your IT needs.

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