Technology grows more mobile with each passing day, but the need for technical support remains the same. But, sometimes you just can’t get on-site support while you are traveling. What, then, would you do if you had an urgent need for IT support, especially if your provider doesn’t offer remote support?

Softly weep to yourself? Why not give Future Logic a call, and let us resolve your paralyzing computer issues remotely! Why do small businesses need remote IT support? Here are four reasons:

Work Anywhere With Confidence
As a business owner, you probably do a lot of traveling to promote your vision and your product. With Future Logic’s remote IT services, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to conduct business while on the go. No matter where you travel, we’ll be able to work with your system and make sure that your problems are fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so long as you have an Internet connection.

You can also rest easy knowing that you’ll experience as little downtime as possible. You can continue to operate normally while we are working on your system, so any problems you might encounter won’t significantly impact your business’s productivity!

The Majority of Problems Can Be Fixed Remotely
Most tech problems can be resolved without an onsite visit. Future Logic will be able to remotely access your system, isolate the issue, and take care of it with little impact on your business’s productivity. Even better, we can do this for you wherever you go – even if you’re on the other side of the world! Of course, there are times when a computer problem needs a technical set of hands to resolve the issue, but these days we’re seeing less and less of that.

Remote Computer Support is Cost-Effective
Why pay for a technician to drive to your office when the issue can be resolved without rolling a truck? By being able to access all of your workstations remotely over the Internet, Future Logic can prevent those larger unexpected support bills. This also allows our managed IT model to be cost-effective for Western Australia small businesses, despite it being a more enterprise-level solution. Be sure to ask us about our flat-rate support plans!

Faster Response Time
Beyond just the costs associated with on-site support, don’t forget the physical travel time. This can be slow and time-consuming on it’s own, but don’t forget the time a technician is sitting on-site watching antivirus scans, Windows updates and patches, and install progress bars. Our remote support technicians can work on other tasks during this type of lull. No longer will you have to deal with crippling downtime because you are waiting for on-site support, nor will you have to pay for the technician’s downtime.

There are a lot more reasons to ditch the traditional on-site support methods whenever possible, but these four should be enough to make you see that remote support is the best support. Contact Future Logic today at (08) 9471 6500 for more information concerning our remote IT services. Make the right choice – no, the only choice – by integrating remote IT support into your business today! Be sure to ask about our flat-rate managed IT models.