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Office 365 Migration

At Future Logic we recommend Microsoft Office 365 for businesses because of its high security and accessibility

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we are in the top 1% of Australia as Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent technical support providers. Allow us to transport your business to Microsoft Office 365 with ease and no fuss.

What is Office 365?

Most businesses will be aware of what Microsoft Office has to offer. From Excel to PowerPoint, Word to OneNote. Office 365 however, is different.

The main thing that separates Office 365 is that it is a subscription-based online office version of the popular applications built around the Microsoft Office platform. Its cloud-based service offers businesses the opportunity to access Office tools from any connected device, creating flexibility of use.

Benefits of Office 365

Essentially targeted to businesses, Office 365 offers the following unique capabilities below:

  • Anywhere access: The excel spreadsheet you began at work can be pulled up and continued from anywhere else. The ability to work on multiple devices and across locations is one of the great advantages of Office 365.
  • Work together: Its great accessibility means employees can stay in contact regardless of place and time and to complete projects as a team. The work done by any party is in real time, so information is easy to share, updated and kept current.
  • Easy IT: Maintenance on the web-based version is not a concern for your business. With a single web-based admin centre you can simplify the management of Office 365. With automatic backup and protection against malware, spam and phising.

What’s included?

  • Word Online
  • Calendar
  • Excel Online
  • OneNote Online
  • PowerPoint Online
  • OneDrive storage per user

How Future Logic can assist you

Future Logic can provide Project Management and preparation, mailbox configuration, migration and deployment, as well as basic Office 365 admin training for employees.

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