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Hosted Cloud Email Solutions

The biggest cost of an email system lies in the ongoing maintenance of the system. In order to deliver email more efficiently and reliably, businesses are pivoting to cloud-based solutions for their email needs.

A Hosted Cloud Email system delivers a range of benefits. Here’s a few:

Moving from an on-premise exchange system to a cloud email solution will show cost savings in a predictable charge per month/per user including ongoing updates and maintenance of the cloud systems. These charges also typically include any maintenance or upgrades required of the back-end hosted environment to ensure it everything is running smoothly.

On premise email system uptime is highly dependent on several factors within your office that can seriously affect your systems availability, including internet, switches, routers, server hardware, and server software. The failure of any of these can cause unnecessary downtime to your email systems. Cloud Email has multiple redundant systems to protect against the potential issues listed above, and to protect you from any unplanned downtime. Cloud Email will usually guarantee an uptime of 99.9%.

Hosted Cloud Email will have a team of email experts working behind the scene to handle ensure your email system is running as it should. This would include all the admin tasks like virus and spam protection, backups, remote access and mobile access as well as system upgrades and patches. This allows your IT department to focus on more strategic work.

Your data is protected using enterprise grade security products including antivirus/antispam solutions, multi-factor authentication, tracking and monitoring tools all managed by a team of highly skilled security specialists.

As these products are generally priced on a per user, per month basis, you have the flexibility to scale your agreement up and down to accommodate for change.

Future Logic can provide solutions using our own hosted email solution or Microsoft’s Office365 solutions.

  • EmergenceMail – a Hosted Cloud Email Solution based on Microsoft Exchange and provided by Future Logic.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – as Microsoft Gold Partners, we can provide Microsoft Office 365 plans direct from Microsoft.

Contact Future Logic to discuss your Hosted Cloud Email needs.

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