14 09, 2016

How businesses can benefit from Network Assessments


Network assessments are critical for businesses, as they can help discover all assets that are on your network and even uncover potential security threats


Network Assessments are an important part of a business’s IT strategy. These assessments can help identify potential security risks and threats, account for devices comprising any given network, generate detailed, customizable status

How businesses can benefit from Network Assessments2019-08-05T13:22:37+08:00
24 08, 2016

Why Hardware Refresh Cycles are important


“Over 50% of small businesses disasters are the result of hardware failures”

There is a point where hardware becomes end of life and end of support, which basically means it is too outdated to perform efficiently. Despite hardware being more reliable with new technologies put in place and steps able to be taken to

Why Hardware Refresh Cycles are important2019-08-05T13:22:38+08:00
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