Network assessments are critical for businesses, as they can help discover all assets that are on your network and even uncover potential security threats


Network Assessments are an important part of a business’s IT strategy. These assessments can help identify potential security risks and threats, account for devices comprising any given network, generate detailed, customizable status reports, and much more. They also provide a standardized methodology and process that helps measure you entire IT environment against industry best practice compliance.

Network assessments can be specialized features to maximize the speed and efficacy of scans: Basic IT environment scans, Exchange scans, HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, Security scans and SQL Server scans.

Why Businesses Should Perform Network Assessments

Network Assessments are vital to businesses as they allow you to:

  • Minimize unknown variables within your network
  • Network Discovery of all IP based devices to provide a comprehensive hardware asset list
  • Complete Listing of the software packages installed on your systems
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards
  • Correlate current license records against the audit report software register reports to ensure compliance and help plan future purchases.
  • Produce concrete plans of action using the information gained to assist in the IT management and planning process.
  • Peace of mind that your current support requirements are in line with your IT infrastructure.

With regard to performing network assessments, businesses have three choices:

  • Not perform them, which is inefficient, and a lost opportunity to scope out your businesses requirements based on your current usage and future requirements.
  • Perform manual assessments, which is labour intensive, time consuming and costly
  • Perform automated assessments. While these are still performed on site, these assessments are more efficient, fast and thorough. You IT department should be able to discuss the tools they have available.

Ongoing network assessments are a proactive approach to aligning your IT to your business strategy and helping your business to grow, with minimal impact caused by big changes.

For more information about the Network Assessments that Future logic can provide, please check out our IT Auditing Services.

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