9 09, 2016

VDI – What you need to know

Desktops computers or colloquially FAT Clients are an awful, wasteful way to enable workforce productivity. With failing disk drives, space consumption, security defeating features, and the never ending upgrades to cater for the endless specification creep of software, people with larger desktop fleets have had no other choice but to look to alternatives.

10 08, 2016

3 Common Backup and Disaster Recovery Objections – and why you still need it

Buying backup and disaster recovery software sometime feels like buying health insurance. It feels like an unnecessary purchase, and nobody’s ever happy about paying monthly fees. But, just like insurance, everybody neglects backup and disaster recovery or considers it an unnecessary expense …that is until they actually need it.

And, let’s face it: most people think “This will NEVER happen to me!”. Unfortunately the odds are stacked against you.

27 07, 2016

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy: The Pros and Cons

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) The Pros and Cons There are many benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). These include reduced cost of equipment to the business, increased employee satisfaction and efficiencies, less office space required (should the employee be truly mobile) as well as a decrease in the burden on IT support staff as the employee maintains their own equipment.

Unfortunately, with these benefits, comes risk. BYOD policies potentially expose security vulnerabilities as employee-owned devices are not directly managed or maintained by IT staff or beholden to the corporate antivirus solutions.

13 07, 2016

7 steps to help avoid CyptoLocker (ransomware) infections

The big threat to businesses these days are in the form of RansomWare (a form of MalWare). That term is very apt for the type of this malicious software. It literally holds all your data and files hostage, demanding you pay a ransom amount in order to unlock your files and regain access to your

29 06, 2016

Some Quick Facts About Migrating To Exchange Online And Office 365

According to a recent survey by Osterman Research, 65% of users are not confident with office 365’s advanced data loss protection and 43% lack confidence in its email encryption.

If these concerns fit you as well, let us work with you to ensure your business transition to a Cloud email

19 12, 2014

There’s No Good Reason to Disable Your Antivirus Software

It's a nightmare scenario for any business when a computer virus cripples their system. It's even worse when it happens to a company that has invested in a dedicated antivirus software, especially when the virus got through because someone felt the need to disable it! Because of scenarios like this, you should never disable your antivirus software.

19 12, 2014

3 Great Technology Solutions for SME’s

Small business owners and executives spend a lot of time going over the expense sheet. Most times, this is a result of not having the financial resources to do everything they want to do, when they want to do it. When your organization's growth stagnates, finding a way to turn that trend around is of paramount importance.