Small business owners and executives spend a lot of time going over the expense sheet. Most times, this is a result of not having the financial resources to do everything they want to do, when they want to do it. When your organization’s growth stagnates, finding a way to turn that trend around is of paramount importance.

At Future Logic, we provide comprehensive IT services for small and mid-sized businesses in the Western Australia area. We currently hold contracts with some of the area’s fastest growing businesses and look forward to working with more small businesses that wish to follow this lead. By implementing these three technology solutions, your organization will find a solution for the frustration of capital expenses that are often associated with purchasing and maintaining new technology.

Cloud Computing
By now you’ve heard of how cloud computing can reduce costs and provide an efficient medium for your employees to collaborate on and coordinate the projects they work on. Most of this marketing lingo doesn’t take into consideration that your company already has a IT infrastructure in place. For those companies that already have an onsite network, adding a cloud productivity package may just be the solution you are looking for. You can receive the dynamic collaboration tools that the cloud offers, while only paying for the additional computing that your organization needs. You can keep your mission-critical applications, such as company email, on your in-house server and outsource less critical applications.

Remote IT Support
Keeping a professional IT technician on your staff can be extremely expensive. According to a survey conducted by InformationWeek, the average IT manager is approaching six-figures annually ($99,000), with IT staffers making clost to three-quarters that amount ($73,000). These figures suggest that most small businesses cannot afford to staff a certified IT technician. Many businesses have begun to utilize their most tech-savvy employee as their IT guy, in an effort to save money. This practice is more prevalent than you may realize and often leaves holes in the security of their company’s IT infrastructure. To bring value to our clients, at Future Logic, we offer our Remote Management and Maintenance service. With our RMM tool, a certified IT technician can remotely manage and monitor your company’s computers to ensure each workstation and server are running reliably. This service will ensure you get the professional management for your computers at a fraction of the cost you’d pay by employing your own IT professional.

Voice Over Internet Protocol
The phone bill is often a point of contention in a small office. Normally, companies make all sorts of rules and regulations about how the phone system can be used by the staff. With our Voice over Internet Protocol solution, your company can get the kind of dynamic phone service that you’d expect out of a phone service, for a fraction of the price of traditional business phone plans. Integrated options such as dedicated numbers and voicemail for all extensions, call forwarding, and call following come standard in many VoIP plans. VoIP plans can extend to mobile devices so that your team can have access to their work phone on the go. This improves avenues of efficiency and productivity for organizations that are looking to save some money on their business’ communications.

AT Future Logic, we offer these and other valuable IT-related services that can help your business grow. For more information about our comprehensive IT services, or to speak to an IT consultant about scheduling a consultation, call us today at (08) 9471 6500.