15 06, 2016

Backup strategy: Tape vs Business Continuity


IT is time for businesses to decide. We’re all aware of the threats to our data and systems: server failure, human error, malware/ransomware, natural disasters etc and the potential for costly downtime they incur. Should any of these events occur, would you prefer to have a tape backup system or a

Backup strategy: Tape vs Business Continuity2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
18 04, 2016

Software as a Service is Not a backup


While the title of this post may seem self evident, a lot of people believe that once they move their data into the cloud, that they no longer have to worry about backups. This unfortunately is not completely accurate.

Software as a Service is Not a backup2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
11 04, 2016

Test Your Disaster Readiness IQ


How much do you know about the risks affecting your business? Take this short quiz and test your Disaster Readiness IQ, then visit Future Logic website to learn how to protect your business against common threats.

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19 12, 2014

Hit a Home Run with Outsourced IT


Today is opening day for Major League Baseball. Teams are finishing up spring training and making the last round of cuts before they start the regular season. In the MLB, each team is allowed to have 25 players on their club when they break camp. Every year each club has a handful of guys that make that decision hard for the General Manager.

Hit a Home Run with Outsourced IT2019-08-05T13:22:41+08:00
19 12, 2014

3 Simple Solutions to Free Yourself from IT Issues


We're just about to roll into a weekend, which to a lot of employees (and hopefully some business owners) means a little bit of relaxation and freedom from the day-to-day grind of business - not that it's all THAT bad, but it's nice to step away for a while, right?

3 Simple Solutions to Free Yourself from IT Issues2016-04-27T14:39:55+08:00
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