Today is opening day for Major League Baseball. Teams are finishing up spring training and making the last round of cuts before they start the regular season. In the MLB, each team is allowed to have 25 players on their club when they break camp. Every year each club has a handful of guys that make that decision hard for the General Manager.

This situation happens in your business as well. After determining the viability of an expense, the least viable expenses are often cut from the budget. Redundant expenses can really drive down the bottom line, so cuts are made. Here are three ways the IT professionals at Future Logic can save your organization money and give your team the best chance to succeed.

IT Consulting
Just as every player needs coaching to help them develop the kind of solid habits they need to be successful in the big leagues, companies like yours can utilize direct consulting to get an accurate assessment of where your business’ technology is, and what you want to get out of it. Our IT consulting service will not only assess your network and infrastructure, we can suggest ways to cut down on costs and cut redundancies that only serve to minimize your team’s efficiency.

Baseball has changed over the past 20 years. Advanced statistics (sabermetrics) have been created by mathematicians to supply organizations with a guide of what to expect from a player before they make capital investments that could hinder their franchise. During our business reviews, our consultants come equipped with all the metrics you are interested in to get the best idea of how to leverage your company’s technology in a way that helps produce the highest level of productivity your team is capable of.

Vendor Support
Major League Baseball teams and their minor league affiliates have some of the top training staffs of any sport. In the duration of the MLB regular season, a team will play over 1,400 innings. In that time there will be all types of injuries and situations that will affect the players and thus their team’s ability to compete. Without these third-party employees, smaller budget major league clubs could not sustain the level of competitiveness they need to field a profitable team.

Your business is no different: You need other companies’ goods to sustain competitiveness. In order to provide you the kind of value you expect from Future Logic, we can help you manage your vendors. Just like a MLB manager relies on his training staff to handle injured players on the mend, so that he can worry about managing the team, our vendor management service allows you to focus on running your business, not worry about your IT.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Every team has to deal with disasters. You don’t have to be a baseball historian to find a situation where a great team has its best player get injured and it results in a much earlier offseason than they were anticipating. In fact, this happened last season. The best hitter in the game, Miguel Cabrera injured his groin early in September last season, and despite taking the field for a majority of the games, his performance suffered. The slugger had averaged nearly 35 hits per month, but finished September with 20. He then followed that up with only six hits in 11 postseason games, as his odd-on favorite Detroit Tigers lost to the eventual World Series Champion Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series.

Now imagine if Detroit manager Jim Leyland had access to healthy version of Cabrera. This is exactly what Future Logic can offer your company. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution allows you to the redundant and easy to restore data you need when you are staring adversity in the face. The reduction of downtime can keep your team from slumping through critical projects and allow for maximum productivity, when your organization needs it most.

Keeping your team working efficiently, without interruption is essential to staying competitive. For more information about Future Logic’s professional IT services, call us today to set up a consultation at (08) 9471 6500.