Managed Print Solution

What is a Managed Print Solution (MPS)

MPS is a hybrid holistic offering that has come about by the collision of the photocopier and laser printer industries moving into the same market segment. MPS optimizes a customer’s printer production via outsourcing the supply, management and maintenance of their print, copier, scan and fax fleets.

A true MPS solution provides a centralised, single source, end to end print solution that covers:

  • All equipment whether new and/or existing
  • Supply of Consumables
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Finance and Acquisition
  • Ongoing Support and Helpdesk
  • Forms and Document Solutions
  • Installation and decommission

From the beginning, each and every MPS relationship should start with a discovery/audit process which includes:

  • Software data collection
  • Discovery of process of current asset register
  • Site and end user survey
  • Needs Analysis
  • Mapping and correct device alignments
  • Crystallization of current operating expense
  • Green Policies
  • Company processes and forecasts

At Future Logic, we are proud to partner with Smart Print to provide our customers with the right Managed Print Solution with the ability to leverage a multitude of partnerships with manufacturers ranging from Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Canon, Lexmark and more to service and document manage our customers.

We are now able to offer our service with access to over 1500 technicians nationally, servicing a multitude of brands.

Why use us?

  1. We’re Independent: we are not aligned with any one brand or manufacturer, independently providing you with a honest and unbiased recommendation, ultimately obtaining a best fit solution for your organisation.
  2. Buying Power: Through our partnership with SmartPrint we can leverage their national cumulative buying power, providing your business can massive cost savings.
  3. Cost Reduction: By consolidating all printers, MFD’s, Photocopiers and faxes under a centralised management agreement and controlling the environment, we can provide cost savings that are real, tangible and significant.\
  4. Automated: Customised alerts for when toner gets low or a service is required, automated requests are sent to us advising location, device and what is required. Ordering online or via our 1300 number is also available.
  5. One Easy Invoice: We can provide one easy cost per print solution which covers all parts, labour consumables and equipment with no Capital Investment. All you do is pay for the prints you make, under one easy consolidated monthly bill.
  6. Better Service: Through SmartPrints best practice approach to Service Level Agreements (SLA) through existing and new engagements. We ensure that SLA’s are flexible, promote limited risk and provide reward sharing benefits for all.
  7. National Service: Through SmartPrint we can provide a central 1300 number for nationwide service and monitoring so we understand and have an intimate knowledge of your account. This saves having to explain your account over and over again.
  8. Onsite Service: If you have ever had any issues or breakdowns with Laser printers, the manufacturer asks that you box it up and send it to them for assessment or warranty repair! SmartPrint will come to you and repair on site and if it can’t be done on site we will arrange a loan machine or replacement in the interim.


  • Monitor your results from anywhere: The ability to monitor your copiers and printers via a cloud like hosted solution.
  • Email toner replenishment alerts:  Software designed to remotely automate supply fulfilment. Proactive email alerts prompt toner and consumable ordering once diminished, which then triggers the supply process without the need for end user intervention. Thus reducing staff administering and having to chew up precious capital by having to sit on stockpiles of consumables.
  • Quick glance: A helicopter view of your print asset register which allows you to glance at your entire fleet of devices regardless of physical location. One quick glance will give you an overview of printer health, activity, consumable levels and machine details.
  • Taking a closer look: From your desktop you can drill down into the device for a full diagnosis and intimate detail. This is especially effective when devices are remote or you are running a large fleet of equipment, you can read the information direct from the source which in turn ensures maximum uptime.
  • Supplies meters: A team of consumables coordinators monitoring devices locally here in Australia, everything from toner, drums, fuser units, waste bottles to paper can be sighted along with fill level which in turn will allows micromanagement resulting big savings. We can even project depletion dates based on historical print!
  • Reporting: We can provide the most detailed and comprehensive reports for your fleet of devices. We can be as detailed, bland or customise your reporting for management reports, even down to tailored internal cost centre allocations at a click of a button. Facilities manager client interface is designed to remotely collect meter reads, automate supply but over the last decade it has been sculpted to produce much, much more with reports galore!
  • Secure print and swipe release: Improve productivity by retrieving and printing where the business demands. With the option of Secure print, follow-me print and or swipe and release your organisation can gain complete control of your print environment. Learn who is printing the most and to what devices, what is being printed and more. Spot printing abuses, inefficiencies and bottlenecks, or recover 100% of your printing costs by automatically billing clients for documents you produce for them. Redirect expensive print jobs to the most cost-effective printer or control colour costs by limiting colour usage by the user, computer, printer, number of pages, application and much more. You can even reduce waste by encouraging or forcing users to print on both sides of the page.