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Managed Antivirus Protection

Our Managed Antivirus solution provides comprehensive threat defence with a cloud-based managed antivirus and antimalware product.

In today’s unpredictable threat landscape, you need technology capable of protecting you from even the most sophisticated attacks without delay.

Our product is comprised of a collective intelligence gained from an expanding network of computers, mobile phones and storage devices. This means it delivers a more efficient threat analysis and minimises scan time, so you get faster, smarter protection. Basically, our product learns from experience.

How You Benefit From Our Managed Antivirus Solution

Minimal disruption. Antivirus guards your IT environment as you work, which means minimal disruption to your business.

While you work. Its combined intelligence identifies threats and prevents breaches (such as data theft). It contains unknown threats, so you avoid IT infections.

Getting back to work. Operational risks such as system crashes are resolved in real time. Reduced scan and installation times mean you’re not left waiting around.

Future Logic Managed Antivirus

  • Security for Servers, VM’s, PC and Mac computers.
  • Complete user agent policy controls and protection.
  • Browser identity and privacy shield.
  • Online portals. Manage endpoints anywhere, anytime, online with site manager console options.
  • No conflicts. Safely runs alongside other security software, so there’s no need to uninstall existing protection.
  • No more bloat. Free up your devices and network and skip the bulky signature updates or definition files.
  • Stop reimaging. Journaling rollback and remediation restores files to their last good state, so you don’t have to reimage.
  • Deploy in seconds. Managed Antivirus is fully operational in less time than it takes to refill your coffee.
  • Small client. Our product utilises a 750kb client which installs, scans and protects in seconds.
  • Always up to date. Threat data is delivered to Managed Antivirus devices from the cloud in real time, all over the globe.
  • Deep intelligence. Our product utilises the Webroot Intelligence Network (WIN) and is continuously collecting, analysing and correlating threat data, ensuring your protection stays on.

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