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Managed Anti-Spam Service

Future Logic SafeMail Managed Anti-Spam solution is an affordable and highly effective business grade hosted email filtering and security solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use with a simple and effortless activation process.
  • Reduces costs by freeing up IT resources needed to manage your email security and spam.
  • Provides a network perimeter email protection to stop viruses and malware before they even hit your network.
  • Provides greater security and integrity of your business communications.
  • Increases employee productivity as it reduces their need to review, analyse and delete suspected spam.
  • Policy based email filtering including group policies to reduce deployment and increase versatility.
  • Includes ManageProtects’ Threat Centre around-the-clock proactive defence against the latest phishing attacks
  • Options to include disaster recovery integration

Service Features:

  • Business grade threat, virus and malware protection using multiple commercial signature engines with localised Australian and New Zealand specific filter rules
  • Spam blocking.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Content and attachment filtering.
  • Policy-based management.
  • Sophisticated quarantine management.
  • Secure message delivery using Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Outbound Message Filtering (depending on the protection level opted for).

Packages Available:

SafeMail Critical Defence

  • 1 x Antivirus & Anti-spam engine,
  • Full message queuing,
  • No outbound filter.

SafeMail Ultimate Defence

  • 4 x Antivirus & Anti-spam engine,
  • Full message queuing,
  • Outbound filter.

SafeMail Ultimate Access

  • Full message queuing,
  • Outbound filter,
  • Message Continuity/DR Webmail.

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