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Cloud Storage

Future Logic SafeFolders Cloud Storage Solution.

SafeFolders unites employees because it is uniquely accessible. It delivers content securely whilst protecting critical files and folders, and its versioning feature allows files to exist simultaneously across locations. SafeFolders is uniquely different from commercial Cloud Storage Platforms because its storage capacity and features are designed specifically with business in mind.

The Business Challenge

Often businesses are challenged by sharing large files and folders with their local and external users. Even with Virtual Private Network (VPN) access or with large data connections, unreliability and excessive monthly costs to support and maintain infrastructure are common.

The SafeFolders Cloud Storage Solution

Power-up your organisation with the most reliable, simple, efficient and highly scalable cloud storage platform for your business.

The SafeFolders Cloud Storage solution provides:

  1. Mobility. Smart, selective mobile sync enables quick and offline access. Built-in document editing and annotation. List and thumbnail views for easy navigation.
  2. Administration. Controlled access based on user, document and device policies. Simple, secure sharing with third parties and without registration. Automated versioning and reporting trail.
  3. Security. Integrated data loss prevention and mobile device management features, including remote wipe. Geo-redundant, jurisdictional data centres for optimal security and privacy.

Key Features For Businesses

  • Simplified Sharing
    • Safely manage, organize, and share files with your team and your external connections, from any device, anywhere.
    • Mobile and remote access.
    • Universal iOS, Android, windows device support.
    • Integrated document view, editor and annotation tools.
    • No VPN/FTP required.
  • Secure Access
    • Multi-level tailored user permissions.
    • Built-in data leak prevention.
    • HIPAA compliant security.
    • 256-bit AES encryption during transit and storage with dynamic key rotation and virus scanning of emailed files.
    • Device security and remote wipe.
    • Mobile device and computer protection with inactivity session timers and non-persistent use of credentials, encryption of cached files on mobile.
    • Password and Time-to-Live protection of all public links to projects, folders and files.
    • Per user or per group access and permission policies to Projects and Shares.
  • IT Controls
    • Full visibility to all projects, folders and files created by anyone.
    • Import and provision internal users (employees and groups) from Active Directory.
  • Backup
    • Continuous background file backup.
  • Project Collaboration

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