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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Future Logic SafeHouse Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is a fully managed Cloud Backup solution that not only protects your vital data and operating systems, but provides replication off-site with secure storage for greater peace of mind in the event of fire, theft, flood and IT failures.

SafeHouse goes beyond simple backup to provide true Business Continuity.

The Business Challenge

Over 80% of businesses don’t have a reliable and tested backup solution.

Risks such as natural disasters, hard ware and component failures can bring critical systems down and immediately impact business at any time.

The risks of downtime and data loss are also expanding as Ransomware through social engineering attacks grow and lead to more critical information being compromised and lost.

Even with careful planning and redundancy a critical system and its data may be lost or corrupt to a point where a complete server rebuild is required. Conventional backup solutions protect vital data but may not protect operating systems. Fully rebuilding a server restoring from tape backup can take potentially weeks to months.

And given that statistics show that 43% of companies that suffer a major loss of data are immediately put out of business, with a further 51% permanently closing within 2 years, there is effectively a 6% survival rate should you lose  critical data

Can you afford this downtime?

Can your business survive a major data loss event?

Our data backup solution

We offer a variety of backup plans, as well as customised plans to suite individual business requirements.

SafeHouse key features:

  • Backup of physical and virtual machines.
  • Fast performance backup.
  • Backup of live systems, applications, configurations and their settings.
  • Instant bare-metal and virtual restore.
  • Supports operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac, plus many more.
  • Data deduplication.
  • Offsite backup replication.
  • Backup while you keep working.
  • Schedule backups any day, any time.

Recovery features:

  • Mailbox item recovery including all folders and calendar items.
  • Back up only the changing data to reduce backup windows and offsite replication requirements
  • Customisable backup and snapshot windows and recovery points
  • Offsite archive available from 1 to 7 years.
  • Dramatically reduce your downtime with fast performance live recovery and virtualisation.
  • Regularly tested backups ensure your data hasn’t been corrupted and is ready to recover, every time.

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