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IT Risk Audit

Identifying and addressing risk is singularly one of an organisation’s most important duties for its employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers. Considerations related to information technology are central to any businesses effort to ensure that issues are addressed quickly and thoroughly.

The increase in complicated advancing technologies, such as cloud, social media and mobile devices — can challenge the ability of executives already overwhelmed with rapidly expanding opportunities and pressures to identify and address the multitude of new and differing risks.

Further, considerations around continuity management, information security, regulatory compliance and the execution of major complex programs can also muddy the waters, reducing executives’ clarity and limiting a business’s ability to address risk and, ultimately, grow.

Armed with strong data and new technology, and leveraging leading practices and strong collaboration with the business stakeholders, an IT Risk audit can help the business understand the dangers that could imperil their very survival, and build a strategic plan to address them.

A IT Risk Audit will help provide clarity, around the information technology systems, where your critical data is sitting and what the likelihood and impact of the identified risks are. Identifying the Risks associated with the business, sharing and discussing them with key stakeholders, we can then map out a risk profile and mitigation strategies to ensure they are addressed in a logical and timely manner.

Let us perform an IT Risk Audit for your business in order to identify risks associated with your environment including old infrastructure, out of warranty equipment, backup solution appropriateness for business, single point of failures and operational processes to determine where the risks to your business lie.

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