Everyone has heard the horror stories of a business burning down or being ruined by natural disasters…but no one thinks it will happen to them.

An IT Disaster Recovery Plan is not just for a catastrophic failure but it is certainly important to be protected against one just in case. Research shows that only 6% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss survive, 43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years. Do you want to avoid being a statistic?

What then about a server failure or even human error? These are much more likely…

While modern hardware is fairly robust and especially with tier one hardware providers which have very good warranties, life cycles and reputations, no device is immune to failure. Also like hardware, people are not immune to failures either. Failures of judgement, poor planning, or a lack of knowledge of the systems supported can lead to compromised infrastructure or loss of data.

It may seem costly to plan for a single point of failure like a hard drive or person, but it is the only way to ensure that these failures don’t interrupt your business or cause data loss.

It takes a lot to earn trust with a customer, but after an IT disaster in which you have lost their data, or had to push out delivery of their projects or services, trust quickly evaporates. Especially when your customer in turn is losing revenue because of the delays or lost data. It is far less expensive in the long run to prevent an IT disaster than try to recover and rebuild after one.

Are you prepared and safe in the knowledge that you can recover?

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