16 06, 2016

Future Logic becomes Datto Premier partner


Through this new partnership, Future Logic is well positioned to provide businesses with affordable end-to-end data protection and business continuity.

Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Datto’s 200+ PB purpose-built cloud and family of software and hardware devices provide Total Data Protection

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15 06, 2016

A hospital loses backup tapes


It was reported last year that a hospital in the United States had lost track of up to 4 unencrypted backups tapes that were holding patient information. This equated to information about 12,600 people unaccounted for and possibly at risk.

While this news story comes out of the USA, it highlights a

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15 06, 2016

Backup strategy: Tape vs Business Continuity


IT is time for businesses to decide. We’re all aware of the threats to our data and systems: server failure, human error, malware/ransomware, natural disasters etc and the potential for costly downtime they incur. Should any of these events occur, would you prefer to have a tape backup system or a

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18 04, 2016

Not to scare you, but…CryptoLocker has 49 million strains of malware!


Does news of the CryptoLocker virus have you on edge? What about one of the other 49 million new strains of malware?

Any one of them might have taken down your system. Can your business afford to be down for hours or days at a time—due to a vicious virus or merciless malware?

Not to scare you, but…CryptoLocker has 49 million strains of malware!2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
18 04, 2016

Software as a Service is Not a backup


While the title of this post may seem self evident, a lot of people believe that once they move their data into the cloud, that they no longer have to worry about backups. This unfortunately is not completely accurate.

Software as a Service is Not a backup2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
11 04, 2016

Test Your Disaster Readiness IQ


How much do you know about the risks affecting your business? Take this short quiz and test your Disaster Readiness IQ, then visit Future Logic website to learn how to protect your business against common threats.

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23 03, 2016

CryptoLocker and associated malware


As you may have discovered from experiencing this yourself or heard all the related news, there is severe malware roaming the internet at the moment which utilizes “Social Engineering Attack” in order to run a malicious code. The aim of this code is to encrypt all of the files and folders

CryptoLocker and associated malware2019-08-05T13:22:40+08:00
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