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Nathan Colyer-Long is CEO at Future Logic, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in IT and an MBA, he has been with the company for over 10 years. Nathan is an avid landscape photographer and loves to travel the world. If you would like to chat, send Nathan a LinkedIn request.
6 07, 2016

Why Google Drive is not a BDR solution


In just a few short years, service such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud have changed the way in which people think about file storage. With the increase in mobility and the need to access information from a range of devices and not just your work or home computer,

Why Google Drive is not a BDR solution2019-08-05T13:22:38+08:00
29 06, 2016

Some Quick Facts About Migrating To Exchange Online And Office 365


According to a recent survey by Osterman Research, 65% of users are not confident with office 365’s advanced data loss protection and 43% lack confidence in its email encryption.

If these concerns fit you as well, let us work with you to ensure your business transition to a Cloud email solution like Office

Some Quick Facts About Migrating To Exchange Online And Office 3652019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
23 06, 2016

10 Fundamentals for Protecting your business from Ransomware


Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more prevalent, disrupting business operations and costing thousands of dollars in losses.

As a business, you can protect yourself from ransomware by understanding the threat and by having the right technologies, policies, people, and processes in place to counter this insidious attack.

Here are 10 best practices to consider for protecting

10 Fundamentals for Protecting your business from Ransomware2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
16 06, 2016

Future Logic becomes Datto Premier partner


Through this new partnership, Future Logic is well positioned to provide businesses with affordable end-to-end data protection and business continuity.

Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Datto’s 200+ PB purpose-built cloud and family of software and hardware devices provide Total Data Protection

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15 06, 2016

A hospital loses backup tapes


It was reported last year that a hospital in the United States had lost track of up to 4 unencrypted backups tapes that were holding patient information. This equated to information about 12,600 people unaccounted for and possibly at risk.

While this news story comes out of the USA, it highlights a

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15 06, 2016

Backup strategy: Tape vs Business Continuity


IT is time for businesses to decide. We’re all aware of the threats to our data and systems: server failure, human error, malware/ransomware, natural disasters etc and the potential for costly downtime they incur. Should any of these events occur, would you prefer to have a tape backup system or a

Backup strategy: Tape vs Business Continuity2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
13 06, 2016

Future Logic renews as Microsoft Gold Partner 6 years in a row


Future Logic meets requirements to renew as a Microsoft Gold Partner for the 6th year in a row with the Gold Midmarket Solution Provider competency.

This competency demonstrates our expertise in building critical infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft desktop, business-management, and server technologies that can expand on mid-market customers’ current system foundations.

Future Logic renews as Microsoft Gold Partner 6 years in a row2019-08-05T13:22:39+08:00
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