31 08, 2016

How and Why of Backups


When was the last time you checked your backups?

We always get a number of different responses when we meet a potential new customer when we ask “When did you last do your backup and when was it last tested”.

Typical responses include:

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24 08, 2016

Why Hardware Refresh Cycles are important


“Over 50% of small businesses disasters are the result of hardware failures”

There is a point where hardware becomes end of life and end of support, which basically means it is too outdated to perform efficiently. Despite hardware being more reliable with new technologies put in place and steps able to be taken to

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17 08, 2016

4 measureable benefits to ‘smart printers’


Businesses that fail to keep up with the latest “smart printer” technology are likely to fall in productivity as well as competitiveness.

The way we work, has been changed by technology, turning any location, coffee shop or park into a mobile office.

If businesses don’t adapt and adjust, they will find it harder

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10 08, 2016

3 Common Backup and Disaster Recovery Objections – and why you still need it


Buying backup and disaster recovery software sometime feels like buying health insurance. It feels like an unnecessary purchase, and nobody’s ever happy about paying monthly fees. But, just like insurance, everybody neglects backup and disaster recovery or considers it an unnecessary expense …that is until they actually need it.

And, let’s face it: most

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3 08, 2016

Endpoint Security Management: Securing Today’s Perimeterless Networks


Growing mobile device usage requires comprehensive endpoint device security management.

As the variety of ways workers connect together and to the internet to work expands, so do the steps needed to be taken to ensure those connections are secure and not a risk to your business.

Employees are increasingly using mobile

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