Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system will be release later this year, here’s 10 things you should know.

1. The start menu is back

Yes that’s right the much loved start menu is back, thank god! While it’s not exactly the same as Windows 7 it’s a huge improvement from Windows 8’s full screen tiles. If you were a fan of the tiles don’t fret though, they’re still there just a little small than before.

2. Better Snap

If you’re a fan of snap then you’ll be happy to know Microsoft has made it even better in Windows 10. You can now snap windows to a corner allowing you to evenly fit 4 windows on the one screen, I can see my productivity increasing already.

3. Cortana

If you like using Siri on your iPhone then you will love Cortana, it’s the Siri equivalent for your PC. Cortana will be able to check the weather, set reminders, assist with searches etc.

4. One operating system to rule them all

Windows 10 will run on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even your Xbox.

5. Continuum

You must we wondering how point 4 is possible, continuum is one of the answers. Continuum will detect what hardware you are using and change Windows 10 appropriately. If you have a mouse and keyboard plugged in it will automatically boot into desktop mode. If there is no keyboard and mouse and the device supports touch then it will enter a touch friendly mode.

6. Universal Apps

Only having one operating system for all devices means you will only need to purchase one app from the Windows Store and it will work across all your devices. No more purchasing the same app for multiple devices.

7. Business App Store

Businesses will be able to purchase apps and distribute them out to their employees with the ability to reclaim and re-use app licenses as required.

8. Easier Upgrades

Windows 10 will allow you to move to new versions (Windows 11, 12 etc.) much easier than it has been previously. No more fresh installs to move to the new version. Windows 10 will allow you to upgrade to the latest and greatest while still keeping all your data, preferences and setting intact.

9. When can you get it?

If you are really keen you can try the technical preview ( available now, but don’t expect it to be very stable. The official release date has not been confirmed but current expectations are the second half of 2015 with more details expected to be released at Microsoft’s developer conference in late April.

10. It’s free!

The majority of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year. At this point it’s unclear if there will be any costs involved after the first year.